Feel At Home

Today, we spend various types of spaces in a day. It would be private spaces or public spaces. Public spaces have more variety function than a private one. One type is for acting with the public on purpose which is represented parks, public transportations, and libraries. The other is kind of waiting area, that is taken to go any public space. My project is about the creation of a familiar experience and mood in public spaces in order to enable people to feel more comfortable in unfamiliar public environments. I focus my explorations on waiting areas, like in airports or train stations, where being exposed to unfamiliar space could cause aggravation or even distress while one has to spend time in these unfamiliar spaces.  I try to transfer home feeling, one of the most private spaces, to the public spaces, by using the sense of sight, hear, and smell, the determinant of atmospheres in certain spaces. Among the sense, I more investigate light and shadows which are related to the sense of sight. Unlike commonly used method in interior design, changing construction, colors, and so on, I try to make the combination of real and unreal with light and shadows in one space.


′How Designers help people to reduce awkward feelings in a public space, such as a waiting area, where people cannot avoid.

; Focus on changing the atmosphere by using light and shadows.′


Degree Project  I  Konstfack, Stockholm